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Welcome to Rainbow Stone USA, Inc.

9393 Trade Place
San Diego, CA 92126

Your one stop source of natural stone

Granite and marble сountertops and accessories

We are prefabricated granite countertop company with the main office located in San Diego, California.

Our primary focus is on prefabricated countertop wholesale, modification and installation. Prefabricating polished slabs to standard widths, lengths and laminated edge finishing decreases the installation time spent on a job site as well as the additional fabrication
cost required. Consider this, over 60% of a granite countertop's ultimate cost is driven by labor. By utilizing low cost but skilled labor overseas and proven manufacturing techniques in a controlled factory setting, we can achieve efficiencies unachievable by the vast majority of stone distributors and fabricators.

Our stone artisans and engineers use state of the art Italian machinery and proven manufacturing techniques. Our factories do nothing else but produce high quality prefabricated granite products. We believe that combing experience, technology and focus provides the best results and delivers a superior product at affordable prices. You wouldn't expect an engineer to come to your home and build you a television set in your garage. Why would you expect that of your countertops? Don't be fooled, the eyeball technique can never exceed the precision of our industrial equipment and proven manufacturing processes.

Our strongest qualities are customer satisfaction, which we provide the very best service possible with quality products, our knowledge and experience as well as our strong sense of responsibility are the key assets to our success.

We consistently delivered a level of excellence - from initial customer consultation and project planning to fabrication of countertops to follow-up of countertop installation that is simply unsurpassed in the countertop construction industry. We listen to the needs of our customers and, depending on those needs, provide just the right blend of services, products, customer guidance and support that ensure only the best possible results at the best possible price

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